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Reading, aside from being my Passion, is one of the best teacher I've had. It taught me a lot, that even professionals couldn't make me learn from them. ~Jace Wayland ♥ ♥ ♥

Passion (Fallen)

Passion  - Lauren Kate Finishing torment, I thought that somehow, I'll feel satisfied already. But it only made me want this book already. I thought that I can already buy this book exactly on the day of its release, but as what I've been expecting, I still couldn't because of the activities, and my more "important" priorities at school. Finally, my first semester had finished and on that exact day, I bought this. Finishing the first chapter, there I already thought that this might be more interesting than I thought. Having Luce witnessing her different kinds of reincarnations and ofcourse at the same time, finally seeing how she died on each of her past lives makes me wanna read further more. Its a great and big challenge to consider, reading this book. I almost gave up my studies just to finish this. And also, because of this book, I get to ignore a lot of people around me for the past days. Luce really is lucky. Though she keeps on burning into flames even before she finishes her 17th year of age, being with her Soul mate every time she reincarnates and fall in love with each other all over again, and without any hesitations might be one of the luckiest and best thing that the "punishment" given to Daniel could ever give to her. Luce finally had proven that Love could survive even forever. And even death, couldn't be the reason to stop it. There, Luce had almost given up and tried separating her cursed soul from the normal one by using the starshot; an instrument that could just KILL immortals. And Luce is immortal. She can't resist to keep on seeing Daniel suffer for every time she dies and find another way on being with her for every time she reincarnates. Every time she knows that she'll going to die in a body of her past live by Cleaving, she couldn't resist but to see Daniel with those fear in his eyes, that makes her only wanna end the whole curse. But that didn't made Luce to finally give up, also with the "encouragement" of his "friend" Bill. . . . who was finally revealed that he was Satan after all. Also, what makes me appreciate this book more, was making me realize the real reason why Luce keep on burning into flames. It's because of the passion that Daniel keeps on having that couldn't be seen by any human. It was just his Baptism thing that keeps on making Luce alive after all that had happened to her this current life. Truly, going back on her past life made Luce knew every detail she wanted to. Though there are just some sort of misunderstanding, what's important to her, is that finally, she has the reason to keep on loving Daniel Grigori, his Soul mate, until . . . . forever.